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Life is Good! Celebrate it daily!

Nancy Newman with grandson and Hawk the chicken, 2012

Nancy Newman visiting with her grandson (2011) and Hawk the chicken

Welcome to my digital world!

Join me with your cup of coffee or tea and browse through my musings.  There’s  so much wonderfulness that surfaces when we allow ourselves to tap into that creative aspect of our nature.

Even if we are not “pros” in any field, we can enjoy life more deeply when we give in to those urges of listening to that voice suggesting we try writing, drawing or playing an instrument.  The list goes on.

Magic begins to unfold as we gain our confidence and just move forward in the direction our heart leads us.  Being creative gives my eyes, ears and heart a fresh outlook on life.

Hope you will be inspired too!


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Nancy Newman, Young Living Independent Distributor

Nancy Newman, Young Living Independent Distributor

Nancy Newman and her chickens“From the Nonphysical, you created you, and now from the physical, you continue to create — and we are nothing if we are not flow-ers of Energy. We must have objects of attention that are ringing our bells, in order to feel the fullness of who we are — flowing through us — for the continuation of All-That-Is.

That is what puts the eternalness in eternity.”

From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Silver Spring, MD, 4/19/97

A Bit about Nancy:    Gardener, Urban “Wannabe Farmer” of a Very Happy Flock of Hens, Health Conscious Creator in the Kitchen, Happy Dancer and Instructor of Argentine TangoNANOWRIMO 2-time Winner,  Licensed Massage Practitioner/Owner of My Massage in Seattle, Nancy Newman.

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In memory of my dear pup, Missy 1993-2011

In memory of my dear pup, Missy 1993-2011