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This year, 2013, is more than halfway over.  Early on I heard how folks were speculating the importance this year would hold on many levels.  Well, now that we’ve entered September hindsight confirms to me that this year in particular has been filled amply with new desires and actions unfolding continuously.


My interests and hobbies continue to grow with each passing year.  It is true that I have dropped many projects that no longer hold the magnetic charm on my attention.  And I admit that I have added much more than I have discarded which presents a bit of a time crunch to keep all the proverbial balls juggling at once in the air.

This year I raised the bar on my own personal experience to reignite the flames under several pots of lingering goals that never seemed to advance into a full-fledged skill.  Perhaps it’s the clock of time ticking that inspires me to action.  Or maybe it’s the fantastic sense of excitement I receive when I become deeply engrossed in a project and find myself making headway.   Silly little online programs keep luring me further into compliance with their assessment features to show that I’m improving with daily practice.


And how I love to see those percentages shoot upward on such fun brain games like www.lumosity.com or actually starting to understand a bit of the cyrillic alphabet on Rosetta Stone (I feel the need to learn Russian).  To add the cherry to the cake, I’ve always wanted to play the flute (why not?).  How fun it was to walk into the local music shop and actually rent a flute.  I felt like a kid in a candy store picking whatever instrument I wanted to settle on learning.  Definitely the portability of the flute wins over me toting my piano around town..  Yes, thanks to the YouTube world and endless hours of videos I am enjoying practicing “tu-tu-tu” on this delightful little wind instrument.  And yes, the private lessons are invaluable to correct my YouTube training :-) .

September update:  I’m delighted with playing the flute and even play duets now with a friend.  We think we sound better than our home recordings do.

In memory of my dear pup, Missy 1993-2011
In memory of my dear pup, Missy 1993-2011

Flowers from my gardenSince there’s 24 hours in a day, and I’ve only used up three quarters of the time between work and play, there was a bit more available that I could pursue.  Creative writing has been a dream of mine for a bit of a time now — being able to actually put into words the swirling images that form stories in my head.   The list of interests still grows and I’ll do my best to hold it at bay while I cultivate this young garden of language, word, and music.

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